Wholistic Lifestyle Coaching & The Level of Support You Need.

Perhaps you’ve started a family and have lost touch with your physical and emotional self. Or maybe you’ve been so busy “navigating” life issues that you haven’t been able to focus on your own physical and emotional needs. Or could it be that you’ve “navigated” your way through the muck but are so overwhelmed & worn out that you just don’t know how or where to begin?  Maybe it’s not that serious at all and you just want to feel and look better! If only it were as simple as eating less and “working out” for everyone. It’s not. That’s why I rarely start there. Everyone has a story and circumstances that matter. Share your story so that I can understand your circumstances. Let’s start there. I am a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach with a master’s degree in social work and 19 years of professional experience working with people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels. And above all else, I am a woman who understands the health and wellness-related issues that other women face.

Realistic Meal Plans That Are Easy To Follow. No More dieting!

I love to eat! Plain and simple. And I don't believe in dieting. I’ve learned a lot through many years of trial, error, observation and my own research. This ever-growing desire to learn more has led me to the works of several people who have shaped my approach to eating and nutrition. Thanks to them and their scientific research, we know that the non-fat diet craze actually made us fatter and that sugar kills in so many ways. We also know that the insulin response that results from eating too much sugar and refined-carb foods without enough fiber, and healthy fats not only makes us fat, it increases our risks for other diseases and puts us at risk for developing dementia. My goal is to help you learn how to make nutritional choices based on your body, not the latest diet fad. You will get meal plans that are created by registered dietitians and based on your individual needs, likes and dislikes.

Personal Training & Fitness Programs For All Levels.

Strong is sexy! Weight training increases bone density, muscular endurance and strength. This type of training is important because we lose muscle mass as we age. Lean muscle gives your body shape and it helps to keep your metabolism stoked as well. We have an estimated 30 billion fat cells (yes, billion with a "b") and they're stubborn- especially when we hit our 40's and 50's.  Muscle is metabolically active which means it burns fat even while the body is at rest. I can't stress this enough: women need to train with weights and resistance. Cardio is important but it's not enough. And even though something is all the rave, that does not mean that it is appropriate for your body. You will get a complete personal training and fitness program that is designed specifically for you, your lifestyle and your goals.